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Jeff in Shanghai, China poses before “The Bund” river.

In demand across the globe, Dr. Kaplan has delivered keynotes and workshops in 26 countries from Moscow to Dubai to Hong Kong. Over 200,000 people have experienced the passion Jeff brings to every event. Centered on the power of human relationships, Jeff combines three decades of business experience to help executive leadership, operations, sales and marketing teams rapidly increase innovation, collaboration and productively.

Jeff’s experience spans the spectrum of facilities, audience size and composition.

UOP Dallas Grad 2010-4
Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys

From Texas Stadium to executive board rooms, Dr. Kaplan consistently delivers valuable content, facilities critical dialogue and drives individual, team and organizational performance through practical and tactical content participants can apply in their lives and careers.


In his early career, he used exactly those skills to turn a $1,500 garage-based start-up into a million-dollar payout. Working on the global scene for business consulting powerhouse Capgemini, Jeff lead the firm’s relationship with IBM and later Microsoft.

Jeff prepares for a commencement address.

Teaming up with the best-selling author and networking expert Keith Ferrazzi, Jeff helped build one of the world’s premiere
behavioral change research institutes and consultancies. Jeff contributed to Keith’s book “Who’s Got Your Back” and designed a marketing campaign and book tour that spurred the book top of the NY-Times Bestseller list – one of only six business books in history to reach the top of the overall list!

Dr. Kaplan is a member of the executive management team of the J. Alan Group, where he leads the Leadership, Development, and Training practice and manages the Research Group, a think tank devoted to the art and science of maximizing performance through people.  He also serves as a Director for KOSTechnology and China Foundations.

Jeff rings the bell at the NYSE after an executive session.

Dr. Kaplan has extensive experience working with the world’s top brands, including Aon, Accenture, Apollo Group, Bank of America, British Telecommunications, Dow, DuPont, New York Stock Exchange, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank of Scotland, Siemens (now Unify), Thomson-Reuters, U.S. Bank, Windstream and the Wisconsin Department of Justice among many others.

Jeff offers a host of compelling and transformative keynotes for corporate, non-profit and collegiate audiences alike.

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