Success Lives In the Margins

For too long, sales books and selling systems have tried to change the way people sell: parsing, categorizing, defining and redefining every conceivable aspect of what makes a salesperson great. You can see for yourself, a simple Amazon search for sales and marketing books produces nearly 500,000 titles, each offering some notion of how to get it right. Everybody Sells stands alone because the approach combines what your already do well with a disciplined framework for action, information sharing and engagement – all the tools you need to generate that incremental difference between just getting by and smashing success.

Between 2007 and 2009, the difference in serve speed between Grand Slam tennis match winners and losers was only 1.6%. In early 2013 the difference between being the PGA’s top driving distance golfer and ranking 20th was only 3%. The difference between Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal performance in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and failing to get a spot on the medal podium was 1.4%.

Let’s face it – Success lives in the margins.

Sustainable success doesn’t come from the latest fad, some notion of how you should fundamentally change the way-you-do or what-you-do, but instead from helping you do what-you-do better, time after time—generating that fine performance edge that separates top performers from the also-rans.

Relationship action planning is an evolutionary approach to achieving superior, sustainable sales performance. Central to the Everybody Sells philosophy is the common sense approach of organizing your efforts around the people that are most capable of helping you achieve your goals, engaging everybody that’s willing and able to support your efforts and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of every action you take. The Everybody Sells approach is a mindset and a strategic framework that will help you do just that.