1 Minute, One Relationship & One Totally New You

1 minute

In the next 60 seconds:

  • 277,000 people will log onto Facebook,
  • 100,000 tweets will be posted,
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts will be created…

One relationship

  • The more people that know who you are, know what you are capable of and trust you, the more likely you are to succeed…
  • Because one relationship can change your life!

One Totally New You

Everything we do and all that we are was created through our interactions with others:

  • Someone gives us a name before we know what names are,
  • We don’t select the language we speak, we mirror interactions of others and learn how to communicate based on what we see and hear others doing,
  • How we see ourselves is a reflection of the feedback (good, bad or indifferent) others share with us.


It only stands to reason that the same process that built us can be used to rebuild us!

New career?
More money?
Greater contribution?
More fit?

Every minute of everyday, you are one relationship away from creating the ‘you’, you’ve always dreamt about. And that relationship is out there in a world waiting to connect.

So, what’s on your agenda in the next 60 seconds?