It’s a Puppy-Kicking World…

Dr. Clark Quinn “wants you to join him in a revolution to overthrow the crap that our once proud profession has come to.”

Writing to an audience of fellow Training and Development professionals, you might think Dr. Quinn speaks from the fringe, but he expressed his outrage in a book he co-published with the American Society of Training and Development – the profession’s governing body.

The assessment seems especially harsh in light of the fact that corporate training investment has posted double-digit increases since 2011, bringing the total annual cost to $130B worldwide.

This week, I am asking for your help to investigate professional development from the perspective of those it’s intended to benefit – you!

Our goal is to receive feedback from 1,000 professionals, so I’m not only asking you to complete the questionnaire, but to encourage others to do so as well.

The survey is anonymous, contains only 10 questions and will take you less than 5 minutesto complete end-to-end… so… pretty please!

As Quinn says, “it’s a puppy-kicking world out there” but with your help, we’ll get a glimpse into how everyday people view the leadership development efforts in their organizations and maybe learn a few things to make it better for all of us!

Click HERE to go to the survey!

Until next week, stay connected.

P.S.: No actual or figurative dog kicking occurred in the writing of this blog.