A Mile or a Millimeter: Learning to Win Like the Best

Watching the world’s top athletes compete in the Rio games is an instructive reminder to anyone striving for top professional performance.

Winning at the highest level is seldom a Usain Bolt blowout. No, becoming the best is far more likely to resemble a Michael Phelps win-by-a-fingernail affair.

Consider these facts I featured in back in a 2013 blog

2007-09:  Serve speed between Grand Slam tennis match winners vs. losers = 1.6%

2013: Being the PGA’s top driving distance golfer vs. ranking 20th = 3%

2010: Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal performance vs. failing to get a spot on the medal podium = 1.4%.

Let’s face it – success lives in the margins.

Sustainable success doesn’t come from the latest fad.

To be great you don’t have to change who-you-are.

Instead, focus on generating that fine performance edge that separates top performers from also-rans.

THE BIG QUESTION: What one or two small changes could you make to sharpen your game and give you that winning edge – then do just that, day in and day out.

If you need a reminder or motivational boost, take a look at the picture above of Bahaman sprinter, Shaunae Miller’s gold medal effort—Awesome.

I’m so committed to improving my own game that I think I’ll take a trip down to the Bahamas this winter to do some additional research!

If you have a story about a finely cut margin of victory, share it with me directly at jeff@jeffkaplan.com

Until next week this is Jeff staying, stay connected!