Failure is the New Success! (PART 1)

And other de-motivational words of wisdom…

Did you ever have one of those everything-that-could-go-wrong-goes-wrong days?

Ever have the kind of day that leaves you thinking that the purpose of our life is only to serve as a warning to others?

No one is perfect.

Yet, we are inundated, tantalized and teased with perfection, every day, in every conceivable way.

From the wrinkle-free faces that grace People Magazine covers to the fat-free, speedo-clad, dripping-wet-with-success of Michael Phelps and his 28 medals…

We LIKE being better,

We ADORE being best and



When the only wrinkle-free thing on your body is the non-ironed work shirt you are wearing right now and the number of pounds and reasons that separate you from your own speedo pose keep growing—it’s not surprising that FAILURE is gaining in popularity!

There appears to be a growing space in our hearts for a few ill-conceived, poorly-executed acts of stupidity on the part of otherwise near perfect performers!

Why did the uber-decorated Olympian go Mike Tyson on an innocent Brazilian gas station restroom poster?

You’ll have to ask Jack, or

You can ask Jim, or

You can ask any of their friends.

But the answer really doesn’t make any difference, not in the face of North Korean aggression and Donald Trump’s comb over.

What matters is that we seem ready to acknowledge and accept failure—something we’ve previously kept under the rug!

Over the next three weeks we will be examining the acceptance of failure and what it means to our everyday lives. First, we’ll hear the story of how one man turned his pink slip into a social media event. Then, we’ll meet a new kind of thought-leader that embraces failure and questions the way we view success. We’ll end the series with a look at an emerging failure-industry that’s banking on our growing love affair with failure.

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