Forgiving the Unforgettable…

Two Resolutions That Can Change Your Life (Part 1)

Like a child of time,
Each new year holds infinite promise and potential,
Undefined, uncharted and unconstrained.
And like a child,
The new year grows and ages,
Becoming old, entrenched, well-worn and purposeful.
Hard-won wisdom yields to the beat of time
And a new year is born.

Strange, wonderful, exhilarating, frightening and sometimes maddening, 2016 was in many ways, more than we could have asked for and more than we wanted.

And while it may be difficult to know what the new year holds, my growing experience with time, tells me some things won’t change without real concentrated effort.

Sure, the new year may finally bring back that beach body you’ve been fighting for since your oh-so-sexy youth and yes, you may finally stop that nasty habit of ______ (insert nasty habit here) but if you want to make the new year—a year-to-remember, try tackling two resolutions that will change your life forever!

Resolution #1
FORGIVE HIM/FORGIVE HER: Can something broken ever be truly fixed?

This is the year you really find out.

Forgiveness isn’t reconciliation or excusing or forgetting.

In fact, the challenge is to forgive the unforgettable.

Forgiveness is about acknowledging the emotional offense and pain your lover, parent, sibling, friend, business associate or other breaker-of-trust once caused and then letting it go – really!

This cleansing process can be one of the healthiest decisions you make.

If the offense is history—let it be history.

If the only thing making it relevant is your unwillingness or inability to finally let go of the anger, it may be time to consider alternatives.

No I don’t know the specifics of what you are dealing with.

I can’t possibility know how my words relate directly to your life and I’m not offering any medical or psychological advice, but I do believe that life goes by too quickly to waste one second on things we can’t change.

As hard as it is to truly forgive others, it’s nowhere near as difficult as the Second Resolution That Can Change Your Life…. And that’s the subject of next week’s blog.

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