Whatever You Do, Will Always Be, What You Did…

Two Resolutions That Can Change Your Life (Part 2)

How much power does your mirror have over you?

Not your vanity, your image of yourself…

We grow and we change, but we cannot escape the fact that we are the products of the decisions we’ve made and the actions we’ve taken.

Your past actions are just that — the past.

Don’t think your past controls you?

Try going home for the holidays and staying in your old room for a couple of nights.

The liar in the mirror is not our friend.

It’s the voice in our heads that tells us we’ll never measure up.

It’s the tape that plays reminding us of our limitations.

But the power of the liar, the source of the voice, the writer of the tape is US.

That scared part of us that believes if we change, we won’t be us anymore – which leads us to the Second Resolution That Can Change Your Life…

Resolution #2

FORGIVE YOURSELF: What you did made you who you are…

If shame or regret or anger characterize how you view certain aspects of your past, resolve to forgive yourself in the new year. Forgiveness isn’t about excusing or forgetting, you may still have some things you need to do to make what you’ve done right with others – but forgiving yourself can be a freeing and healthy experience.

Did some things in the past you aren’t so proud of?

Still doing the same thing or did you learn from it and/or get help? If so, your past was the primary ingredient of a new and better you!

Self-denial or continuous self-punishment isn’t the answer, not only is it bad for you but you’ll be robbing those around you of all the contributions you could be making instead.

We are what we do and yes, what we did.

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