Brand New… Brand You

What is your personal brand?
What does your name stand for?
What do your customers, co-workers and friends think of when they think of you?

With a combined value of nearly $1 trillion dollars, the 8 most valuable commercial brands powerfully illustrate the importance of a name.

Physical assets once determined the worth of any enterprise – no more!

– Today, the world’s largest taxi service owns no taxis (Uber),
– The most prolific and powerful media giant creates no content (Google),
– The leading retailer holds no inventory (Alibaba) and
– The biggest hotelier on the planet doesn’t own a single hotel (Airbnb).

In a world where ideas and meaning have a half-life; the ability to create and sustain a brand is crucial to commercial success. What applies to global brands applies to your professional success as well.

The most important brand you’ll ever be associated with is Y-O-U Inc.!

For better or worse, your personal brand determines the level, speed and trajectory of your career. Yet, few people take the time to purposefully create, develop and nurture a personal brand.

This experiential session guides audience members through a series of interactive exercises designed to help individuals discover their personal brand, identify the personal actions they’ll take to bring their brand to life and engage others to help grow and sustain their brands long into the future.

Whether you are a top organizational leader, a salesperson or customer service professional, an accountant or an engineer, looking for a new job or just starting your career; a well-developed personal brand has become table stakes for career success.

Key Takeaways:
• Discover your personal brand,
• Identify specific actions to bring your brand to life,
• Engage others to grow and sustain your brand.

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blue pin“The workshop was extremely profound! Mr. Kaplan helped a large crowd take self-inventory and remain engaged throughout the entire program. The program was so motivating, we could have skipped lunch… The workshop can show one how not merely to travel through life, but to become the orchestrator; starting with one relationship at a time.
- Cynthia A. Jenkins, University of Phoenix Advisor

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