Don’t Let Your Career Choose You

This fresh look on career development, asks the critical question,

“Are you choosing your career or letting your career choose you?”

Whether you are just starting out, mid-career, or looking to mentor those about to follow in your footsteps; knowing the difference between a job and a career is critical.

Jobs are the basic building blocks of a successful career and knowing how to select the right job is more important than ever. Today’s young professionals are expected to hold many more jobs and demand deeper personal satisfaction from their work than preceding generations. Getting typecast early in your career can close doors before they are opened.

The typical worker will likely spend 2,080 hours a year for 40 years at work. Isn’t it worth the investment to make sure that time not only provides for financial benefit but intellectual and emotional satisfaction?

Found at the intersection of marketable skills and deep passion; careers are a form of self-expression.

This interactive session walks participants through a series of thought provoking ideas and exercises designed to help individuals build and execute practical and tactical career strategies.

Key Takeaways:
• Differentiate jobs from careers,
• Identify the intersection between what you can do and what you love doing,
• Avoid getting locked into the wrong career path,
• Build your personal brand,
• Identify and develop the relationships you’ll need to build your career!

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blue pin“Thank you for providing the entire class with a very moving and informational presentation. You made a lot of invaluable points that I had never put very much thought into, and can say that just from the hour and a half that I spent listening to you that I learned a lot, even if today's presentation was only the beginning to a process.”
- Michael Boysen, Iowa State University Student

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