Everybody Sells

The competition is fierce, fast and growing more sophisticated every day. To win and stay winning, organizations must harness every asset and every relationship. While the best run organizations are operationally lean and efficient, few organizations purposefully identify, develop, monitor, measure and track the relationships they already have. Fewer still involve and engage the entire organization in the process.

Everybody knows somebody and every relationship is a chance to create opportunity for individual, team or organizational success.

Whether you are a top executive, sales or marketing pro, subject matter expert, receptionist, intern or just someone that wants to take control of your own career; everybody sells will provide you the information, tools and tactics you need to make your organization more successful.

This valuable and thought provoking message can be delivered in keynote (45-90 minute), half-day or formal 1 ½ day sessions. Compelling and timely, understanding the mechanics of relationship development and how to purposefully coordinate relationship development efforts for individual, team and organizational success is sure to change the way people think about and approach relationships forever.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand what makes business and personal relationships different,
• Identify the people critical to your success,
• Get everyone involved in the process,
• Sustain your success quarter over quarter and year over year.

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blue pin“Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan is a consummate professional who has helped me to drive a customer centric, relationship based sales approach throughout my organization. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to improve the effectiveness of their sales force or drive more productive relationships across their business.”
- Julie Osborne, Prior Vice President, Global Consumer Packaged Goods, British Telecom

People Powered Performance