Lost in the Middle – Why the Best Strategies Often Fail

Too often, well-intended, well-defined and well-communicated strategic initiatives lose coherence, morph and ultimately get lost in middle layers of organizational bureaucracy between those that created the strategy and those tasked with carrying it out.

This informative and engaging talk challenges participants to think about organizational strategy in a new and exciting way. Combining business, sociological and psychological theories with the practical and tactical actions being used right now to help organizations outperform their competition; ‘Lost in the Middle’ bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Key Takeaways:
• Translate organizational strategies into digestible, actionable messages people can act on,
• Use strategic blocks, to build up and track down strategic progress,
• Engage every member of the organization in creating strategic success,
• Consistently monitor and measure progress across functions and levels.

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blue pin“Jeff brought the global experience, selling expertise, world class strategic knowhow and a deep knowledge of our industry... We went from creating billboards to driving specific strategies and messaging.””
– Neil Blakesley, former CMO of Computer Science Corporation & British Telecommunications

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