Network = Net Worth

The research is clear; people with stronger relationships experience higher loyalty and advocacy, shortened sales cycles, broad executive support and more referrals. In fact, an IBM and MIT study examined the monetary value of relationships, suggesting that each active member of your network equates to $948 of net worth.

Simply put… those that can identify the people most critical to their success and develop deep meaningful relationships with them WIN, period.

This high energy, audience involved talk explores how you can improve your relational skills and effectiveness to create personal and professional wealth.

Key Takeaways:
• Identify the people most critical to achieving your goals,
• Rapidly accelerate and deepen your most important relationships,
• Learn how to turn relationships into opportunities,
• Become disciplined and purposeful about managing and developing relationships.

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blue pin“It truly was a success and we really enjoyed working with you. Thank you for making it a great experience!” 
- Barbara Stropko, Chair for PLANET's Great Industry Great Escape, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

People Powered Performance