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Smoking and Motivation

  1. New research suggests ads with messages about “why” to stop smoking can influence a smoker to quit within a month
  2. However, there is no evidence that ads with messages about “how” to stop smoking influence behavior
  3. Researchers argue that “why” ads are more effective because they show graphic portrayals of the health consequences of smoking

Source: The Impact of Cessation Media Messages on Cessation-Related Outcomes: Results From a National Experiment of Smokers. American Journal of Health Promotion, 2014

Smell and Advertising

  1. Marketers have a new tactic—smellizing, which is when consumers imagine a smell
  2. New studies suggest that smellizing increases consumers’ desire to purchase advertised food products
  3. Researchers suggest that marketers are not doing enough to tap into the power of smell when developing marketing material

Source: Aradhna Krishna, Maureen Morrin, Eda Sayin. Smellizing Cookies and Salivating: A Focus on Olfactory Imagery. Journal of Consumer Research