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What Your Desk Says About You…

Former Saturday Night Live cast member and writer, turned ad executive and Congressional Candidate, Gary Kroeger may be the most creative person I’ve ever met!

Earlier this week, I visited Gary at work. Entering his office, I wasn’t sure if I’d found his desk or stumbled onto the set of Hoarders. There, under a collection of papers, mardi gra beads and what I think was a paper mache’ pig, sat Gary holding a single red stiletto shoe in his hands. He greeted me by saying, “if you have the matching shoe, I’m yours!

The experience got me to thinking, what does your desk say about you?

Research from University of Minnesota suggests:

  • The clutter-inclined are more likely to generate creative ideas,
  • Messy desks promote curiosity and
  • Those hiding in piles of clutter are more willing to try new things.

As someone that’s been fighting the good fight against the muddled mess that is my desk, I take solace in the creative benefits of clutter. However, if your desk can only be described as living proof of your O.C.D., don’t fret:

  • People with clean desks are more generous and
  • Those that live clutter-free generally enjoy healthier lifestyles.

I sincerely hope that Gary finds the owner of the other red stiletto and each of you finds what you are looking for in life… I think it may be somewhere on your desk. 

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