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What to do/say and when to do/say it?

Executives, middle mangers and frontline personnel, across industries and boarders, ask me essentially the same two questions:

What do I do and when do I do it?

What do I say and when do I say it?

Creating personal and professional success boils down to getting these two questions right.

While your education, training, experience and skills many help you do and say some of the right things, getting what you desire often depends on one’s relational know-how.

Here are three basic relational preparedness tips:

  1. Curate the question: If you wait until the prize is offered you’ll be battling the pack. If you want an internship with the greatest company on earth next summer; identify people already working there this summer, engage with them now and position yourself as the obvious answer to the question they haven’t yet asked.
  2. People plan. Decisions aren’t made in a vacuum and vacuums don’t make decisions—people do! Align what you want with the wants and desires of the decision makers.
  3. Make human connections. Don’t just identify who is making the decision, find out who the decision marker IS as a person and connect with them on a personal level.

If these tips seem in anyway manipulative, you’ve missed the point.

The relational approach is not about falsely changing the minds of others, the approach is about truly changing the way you think about yourself and what you have to offer.

Doing your relational homework, knowing what motivates others and who they really are, can help you do/say what needs to be done/said and the insights you’ll need to do/say it at the right time.

Monologue, Dialogue and the Single Mom’s Club…

My vision for this blog was dialogue — an open forum, free flow laboratory for all of us to think about and share ideas. Over the last few months we’ve turned the corner from monologue to you and what’s on your mind… this week, Dubai-based oilman Urban Showe sent me this worthy thought…


Just watched a movie called Single Moms Club and there was a great message there that many may have missed….

The power of asking for help…

The word SINGLE means just that; no help…by yourself…

But add the word CLUB and help appears!

In the movie, a group of women from different walks of life find a way to help one another.

Networking has many forms of help, but most people don’t know how to ask for, or use, the help they have available to them. Jeff, I remember what you said when I first saw you speak,

“The power of one relationship can change your life and you never know who that person is going to be…you are one introduction away from the single most important person you’ll ever meet and who knows…you may have already met them…”

The question is how do you get there?  Ask for help.


(Paraphrased edit for form)

What are you thinking about? Write me and share your thoughts… Jeff@jeffkaplan.com

P.S.: Mr. Showe is no stranger to exploring the power of relationships.  In fact, I featured him in my last book Everybody Sells. Click HERE to read his story excerpt.

Social Networks & Your Network

  1. A new study of social network marketing (think Facebook) illustrates that the larger your network the greater the value generated and the more stable the network…anyone remember MySpace?
  2. In low-intensity networks (like your personal network), effective management can serve as the catalyst for growth…Are you being proactive with your network? Reached out to any long lost contacts lately?
  3. Networking success can be emulated and adapted. If your network isn’t world-class today, it doesn’t have to stay that way… Learn what’s working for others and make it your own!

Reach out with outreach and connect today!