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I feel your pain… now pay me!

Ardent followers of Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence will be delighted to learn that new research suggests emotional intelligence, in the from empathy, may yield more than productivity gains.

The Study:

  1. Psychologists at the University of Bonn conducted an international study exploring people’s ability to recognize emotions,
  2. Participants tasked with recognizing the emotions exhibited in pictures of faces and voice recordings were ranked on a scale,
  3. Coworkers and supervisors also ranked participants as to whether they were socially well-attuned, influential, sincere, good networkers, etc.

The Results:

  1. Data suggested a correlation between high scores on both rankings and higher income levels,
  2. Lower scores tied to lower incomes.


Research continues to link relational competencies to financial success. From the IBM study suggesting each active member of our network equates to $948 in net worth to common sense logic that the more people that know who you are, understand your capabilities and care about your success; the greater the chance you’ll succeed.

Fortune Cookie Bottom Line:

It is better to have more friends about than to be down and out…

Source: http://www3.uni-bonn.de/Press-releases/it-pays-to-have-an-eye-for-emotions