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Fathers and Altruism

  1. New scientific research suggests that mothers are more altruistic than fathers.
  2. The reason is because they know that their children are their own, where as fathers can never be completely certain.
  3. When parents from an impoverished area were offered cash for themselves or high quality sandals for their children, fathers opted for cash when they were alone.  In contrast, mothers opted for the sandals for their children.  However, when the fathers were making the decision in the presence of the mothers, they picked the sandals.
Source: http://www.ru.nl/english/university/vm/news/@943747/altruistic_mothers/

Parenting and Money

  1. A new study suggests that when parents think about money, they feel like their parenting is less meaningful
  2. Research suggests that to increase levels of fulfillment, parents should keep parenting activities and money-making activities as separate as possible
  3. This is one of a series of recent findings about parenting and happiness. For instance, recent research has shown that fathers tend to be happier than men without children, but mothers are not happier than women without children

Source: Society for Personality and Social Psychology. “Another reason to not mix work, family: Money makes parenting less meaningful, study suggests.”