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Are you iLazy, iDumb or iAddicted? (Take the test)

A series of studies suggests that dependence on smartphones may make us lazy, lower our intelligence and produce unhealthy habits…

Test yourself. Do you resemble these remarks?


Data from one study found a correlation between smartphone usage, physical activity and body composition and suggests that high smartphone use may be an indicator for a multitude of future heath related issues (Kent State University).


Intuitive thinkers (those that rely on instinct in decision-making) are more apt to use their smartphones as the source to answer virtually any question, a habit that could lead to intellectually laziness and correlates with a reduction in intelligence (University of Waterloo).


Checked your email in the last 45 seconds? Feel the need to do so now? Finnish researchers suggest that for many, a continuous tick-like checking of our smartphones provides a quick-fix-stimulus-cure-for-boredom that could become habitual and distract us from important things happening around us (Aalto University). Can you say, “Distracted driver” or “Facebook” addict?

How did you do? Me? I’ll have to check my iPhone and get back to you…


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