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The Great Value Migration No. 1

We’re taking it up a notch! 

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Since we began publishing this blog in 2013, we’ve learned so much from your feedback. In fact, your insights and stories were so valuable, we asked ourselves how we can get you more involved.

The answer? We’re inviting you to become co-authors and help shape our content as it develops! Starting this week, we’ll be publishing e-book segments focused on things that are happening right now, changes in the world of work that effect all of us. And we ask you to share your insights, stories and opinions; anything that helps clarify, illustrate or extend the topic.

We begin today with an e-book series examining, the greatest career challenge (and the greatest opportunity) we’ve faced in a generation: The Great Value Migration.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel it? Is it affecting your organization or career?

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Is Your Organization Going Senile?

The social contract, the implicit agreement that once bound workers to organizations for entire careers, is no more.  Off-shoring, right-shoring, belt tightening and a tsunami of technical innovation shifted job demand from trade skills to knowledge work and changed the career landscape in less than a generation.

Hierarchical command-and-control structures that simply asked employees to “show-up, shut-up and do it our way” were replaced with a bottom-line, “what have you done for me lately” mentality that offered no guarantees. As a result; employees have become willing to change jobs with increasing freedom and frequency, reducing job tenure by 2/3, from 11+ years to about 3.5 years.

With employees just as likely to move out as they are to be moved up, our organizations simply don’t have the capacity to retain memories, experiential lessons, recollections and the know-how that only comes from having been there.

So what does this mean for your career?

If you’ve been around for a while, market the benefits of your longevity… to both your productive prowess and the value of what you remember!  Over 95% of all information goes unused or lost, so if you can access what’s in your brain – that may be worth something.

If you’re a new to mid-career worker, as you consider job promotions or job moves, also consider the types of experiences you’ll have right alongside of the other benefits you’ll receive, because someday your memories of those experiences may be a big part of your personal brand value.

Let’s face it, many of our organizations are graying right along with the workforce. A graying organizational design can’t cope with the winds of change and the opportunities that ride them… They might have once but who can remember?

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Career Math 101

Adding value to what you do at work…

Mathematics isn’t just the study of numbers and shapes. Math (or Maths for my UK & Aussie friends) also concerns itself with patterns. Of particular interest to the career minded are the ‘patterns of value’ associated with what we sell and the worth of our professional contributions.

Value Math for Sales

Once upon a time calculators demanded top dollar. Now they are available at the Dollar Store – or free in specially marked cereal boxes!

But wait there’s more!

Value Rule: The more your product or service is like other offers, the greater the need to wrap what you sell with added value.

Value Math for Your Career

If you are depending on the functional value of your job to propel your career, prepare for disappointment.

The Rule: What got you here, won’t get you there.

So, to keep your stock rising on the job, find ways to wrap your functional output (marketing, accounting, clerical, whatever it is you do) with additional value.

Here are three ways to add value to what you do:

  1. Connect the Dots:  Be the one that knows who’s who and how things REALLY get done in your office.
  2. Living THE Way:  More of what you do every day is in your head than is written in a manual. Becoming the center of process knowledge – knowing how to do what needs doing – is among the highest career value adds.
  3. Prepare Before They Focus:  Executive A.D.D. continues to run rampant across the globe. If you know your boss or someone on your team isn’t focusing on a looming deadline, take the lead and help.  Sure they may come to depend on you… But isn’t that the point?

This week is cheers to former Southwest Airlines President, Emeritus Colleen Barrett: the Community College Graduate and Executive Assistant that turned being amazing at her job into a career that made her one of America’s most powerful executives!

It’s all about value!

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Small Talk or Small Talks?

Over the last month, I’ve had the privilege to work with a group of big picture executives, an auditorium full of soon-to-be college grads and most recently, a team of highly talented and creative global business developers. Reviewing my notes from these three dramatically different experiences one theme remained constant…


What it is?
How do I create it?
How do I add it?

Generating personal value is central to an executive’s organizational impact, a graduate’s career trajectory and a business developer’s ability to join the strategic conversation. Understanding, generating and implementing personal value can be the difference between being tops in your profession and standing outside looking in.

What is it?

Personal value is the intersection between what organizations want, what individuals want and what you want. 

How do I create it?

Purposefully prepare for your interactions. Don’t depend on your intuition and emotional intelligence to respond to opportunities in the moment. Come prepared to drive the conversation to the intersection of organizational, individual and personal value.

How do I add it?

Armed with an understanding of the value intersection and having prepared to articulate your vision of it, you’ll be ready to abandon small talk in favor of small talks – bite sized bits of an emerging story you’ve created.

To reap the rewards of leadership, executives need to connect organizational success with employee success. To get in the door, job seekers must connect organizational vision with the accolades recruiters will receive for hiring someone as great as you. To gain a seat at the strategic table, business developers must frame project success in terms of individual rewards and organization imperatives.


Value is a BIG question, so over the next few months we’ll return to this subject and drill down on the practical implications of getting it done.

As always, I welcome your feedback and want to thank Decision Clarity consulting executive Charles Bayless and youth leader Urban Stowe for their insightful responses to last week’s blog ‘Did Your Career Choose You?’.