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"Let me help you rewrite your 
future before it's too late!"

From the boardroom to the breakroom, there is a growing realization that our relationship with work is broken. People are realizing that what it takes to win and what it takes to stay winning are two separate things. What does that mean? Everything is up for grabs!

Dr. Jeff Kaplan advises professionals, just like you, worldwide to help them fix their relationship with work.

Whether you’re just starting, in-between jobs and looking for something new, or an executive trying to get the most out of that top-level opportunity, you can rewrite your future with Dr. Kaplan.

"Jeff brought the global experience, selling expertise, world class strategic know-how and a deep knowledge of our industry… We went from creating billboards to driving specific strategies and messaging."
Neil Blakesley​

Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan is recognized globally as a thought leader and organizational design expert in the areas of value creation, technology adoption, ‘Ways of Working’ transformations, TEMPO-based networking and B2B team selling. He has contributed to three NYT Bestsellers and is the author of the industry standard, Everybody Sells.

Dr. Kaplan launched his first company, a garage-based start-up, in 1991 and turned a $1,500 investment into a global events management firm before divesting in 1998. He then began his consulting and sales career with Ernst & Young and continued to run their strategic technology alliance practice after the consulting division was acquired by Capgemini in 2002.

In 2014, he founded the Relational Sciences Institute (RSI), a human performance think tank, where he developed the patent-pending Dimensional Ontology Transformation Engine which is the basis for both the New Leadership Challenge and MARQi indexes.

In 2017, RSI merged with the industry’s foremost technology adoption and partner ecosystem consultancy, LIFTinnovate. As a senior partner with the firm, Dr. Kaplan has consulted for many of the world’s top brands, including Procter & Gamble, Cisco Systems, New York Stock Exchange, Aon Risk Management, British Telecom and Mattel.

Dr. Kaplan holds a Doctorate in Organizational Design and an MBA. He completed his thesis on and has continued his research into “A Grounded Theory Exploration of Past, Present, and Potential Future Meanings of Leader Effectiveness.”

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Areas of Expertise

With decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Kaplan is a verifiable expert in a host of areas.











Change Management

Leading Through Change




Personal Brand

What People Say

Jeff designed and delivered a really impactful session and challenged attendees to reconsider how they view technology adoption, innovation and the entire customer experience for our annual voice of the customer event.​
Mike Strohl​
Wow! I did not realize that through laughter and exercises, our members would gain so much. Jeff Kaplan was a powerful speaker, able to connect with the audience so effectively within the first minute of his presentation.​
Lalig J. Musserian​
It truly was a success and we really enjoyed working with you. Thank you for making it a great experience!​
Barbara Stropko​
Thank you for providing the entire class with a very moving and informational presentation. You made a lot of invaluable points that I had never put very much thought into, and can say that just from the hour and a half that I spent listening to you that I learned a lot, even if today's presentation was only the beginning to a process.
Michael Boysen
Iowa State University Student
Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan is a consummate professional who has helped me to drive a customer centric, relationship based sales approach throughout my organization. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to improve the effectiveness of their sales force or drive more productive relationships across their business.
Julie Osborne
Prior Vice President, Global Consumer Packaged Goods, British telecom

More About Dr. Kaplan


Dr. Kaplan is founder and co-host of Willing 2 Win, a podcast, TV show and radio show for business professionals about taking control of your career and redefining the future of work. As cohost and producer, Kaplan discusses pivotal moments in his career that contributed to his international success as a consulting expert and bestselling author and steps you can take to make similar, powerful decisions to take back your career.

He is the author of Amazon Bestseller “Live It 2 Own It,” the ultimate franchise guide for anyone interested in started a franchise business. He is also the author of “Everybody Sells,” the industry standard for B2B team selling, and contributed to the New York Times bestseller “Who’s Got Your Back.”

He is a globally recognized thought leader and an in-demand speaker, having conducted over 1,200 workshops and keynotes for Fortune 500 and global organizations in 26 countries. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa.

Recent Speeches

Leaning on his sales expertise, Dr. Jeff Kaplan presented “The Power of Influence to Improve Your Sales” to AvidXchange in January 2021. He used his own experience to break down sales relationships with prospects into engaging content, giving advice for participants to drive success in their professional and personal endeavors. Participants were impressed by the enthusiastic and motivational energy Dr. Kaplan brought to the room, professing his “rich and dynamic stories and energy” with several requests for Dr. Kaplan to return.

In November 2021, Dr. Kaplan hosted a launch celebration to commemorate the release of his newest book, “Live It 2 Own It.” To the crowd, he explained the impetus behind the book, a larger movement called Willing 2 Win which culminates Dr. Kaplan’s life work into tangible and tactical truths for workers, from entry-level to the C-suite. Follow along here to experience Jeff’s compelling passion on-stage and understand why a growing Legion is excited to advocate for Willing 2 Win.


In 2021, LIFTinnovate was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. As COO, Dr. Kaplan discussed what this means for LIFTinnovate and the technology industry on KWWL.

Dr. Kaplan was invited to WHO13 for an interview to discuss his new book “Live It 2 Own It” and give advice to viewers on how they can begin to fix their relationship with work.


Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan resides outside Chicago, IL. He has experience traveling nationally and internationally for events. With access to one of the largest non-broadcast video studios in the Midwest, Dr. Kaplan is uniquely qualified to deliver a high-production value virtual presentation.

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