The Art of the Possible: Creating a World of Success (Part 1)

From boardrooms to wakeboards, the world of work is changing and over the next month I’ll be introducing you to a group of people that are changing how we view work, careers and even our definition of success. In this series, we’ll travel the globe to meet a group of top executives that are behaving in ways we’d never imagined, a couple of upcoming executives that are turning careful planning and hard work into off-the-charts career progression and a few exceptional young people that are starting their careers while they’re still in school and blowing up all the rules along the way…

Dateline – Brussels, Belgium

A sliver of sun peaks over the lush green tree line that boarders Cable Park Lake; signaling the start of a new day in Wakeboard Paradise. First to break the glass-still water, Fabrice Tardioli gears up to strut his stuff at a sport where boundaries are only temporary suggestions. A reflection of the sport he loves, Fabrice defies conventional notions of extreme athletes; this family-first father of two young daughters enjoys a well-established career as a high-tech sales executive. Fabrice offers a simple formula for success that starts at home, “My wife is my rock,” he says. From demanding physical preparation to “the numerous calls she receives from hospitals unannounced, she goes through a lot!”

I met Fabrice a few years ago, after a presentation and he’s stayed in contact. He writes me occasionally to share his perspective on a blog or just check-in. What impressed me most about his story was how he systematically set out to create the life of his dreams and did so without sacrificing any one thing at the expense of another. Fabrice doesn’t have it all… but he does have what’s important to him. He’s living life on his own terms and in the process, he’s giving back more than he’s taking.

As we’ll see over the next several weeks, success comes in many forms but it never comes alone. A solid base, a truly connected partner, engaged children, a career that satisfies your needs or provides you the flexibility to pursue what does; these are all parts of finding the kind of success that can help you become the person you were meant to be.

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