Speaking Engagements

Jeff Kaplan, dynamic entrepreneur and world-renowned speaker, tailors each of his speaking engagements to fit the objectives and vision of his clients. His energy, enthusiasm and interaction with the audience will engage and inspire anyone willing to keep up with the pace of change.

Jeff leverages his life and business experiences as he steers his presentation, giving audiences practical and tangible tools they can incorporate into their own professional and personal aspirations.

Areas of Expertise

Jeff’s keynotes and workshops cut through the clutter and get into the hearts and minds of attendees by challenging them to break down silos and open their minds to change through inclusive collaboration.

He brings energy to the room and challenges teams to work together to pave the way for the innovation and engagement needed to change the way people view their relationships with work.

If you are looking for transformative change or next level thinking, you need one of Jeff’s half-day or full-day workshops, relied upon by some of the world’s top leadership teams. These are 100% customized based on your organizations needs and your collective results from Jeff’s patented Maturity, Readiness, Agility and Qualification (MARQi) assessment.


Executive Leadership

Sales & Alliances

Strategic Execution



Book Jeff for your next event

“Jeff designed and delivered a really impactful session and challenged attendees to reconsider how they view technology adoption, innovation and the entire customer experience for our annual voice of the customer event.”

Mike Strohl, CEO

“Jeff brought the global experience, selling expertise, world class strategic know-how and a deep knowledge of our industry… We went from creating billboards to driving specific strategies and messaging.”

Neil Blakesley, Former CMO
Computer Science Corporation