Upgrade Your Friends: How the People You Know Impact Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Want to accelerate your career?
Finally ready to get fit?
Looking for some peace and serenity in your otherwise hectic life?

It may be time to upgrade your friends.

Everything you are today is a product of other people.
Your physical being came about from a mingling of two other peoples’ genes. The language you speak, your country allegiance and your spiritual self are all results of your acceptance or rejection of what you’ve seen and experienced with others.

Intuitively we know this, but too often leave the process to chance. If you imagine a better you and want more control in the process of becoming the person you dream of being, become more purposeful about the selection and nurturing of relationships.

We have talked a great deal about relationships for professional success but the same benefits accrue to personal development.

Growing Your Mind, Body & Spirit…

While knowledge can be obtained in books, or even YouTube – learning how to apply that knowledge comes from our interactions with others. Find a person you respect intellectually and reach out.

If your physical self isn’t want you desire, ask yourself who you know or who you can meet that’s attained the success you want and ask them for help and guidance.

If your head is spinning, your schedule crammed and you feel weighed down by the demands of others, it may be time to seek the guidance of someone that has already found peace.

I don’t just write this stuff…
I’m living it with you…

Earlier this week, I received an email announcing the publication of a new book on generational stereotypes, called, Unfairly Labeled. Intrigued by the topic, I researched the author Jessica Kriegel and decided to reach out. In the brief discussion we had, I was able to learn something new from a person that, only a few days before, I hadn’t known even existed.

How we view the world and ourselves changes and evolves as we grow.

Control the growth of your mind, body and spirit by reaching out to those that have accomplished your dreams and soon they will be your reality!

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